III EDUCATION / Learn with us



We believe that in order to share knowledge constructively, we need to be in an intimate setting with a small-scale class size.

In order to grow as individuals, we need to be able to maintain a focussed flow of learning and attentive coaching throughout the experience.

We would love to welcome you into our home III theSalon to share a definitive experience of intimate learning.


The space is located in a historic building dating back to the early 1900’s, giving it some distinctive characteristics that only time can create.

We designed and built the space ourselves with the same thought processes and attention to detail that we apply to hair.

The intent is to create an atmosphere where you can leave feeling inspired with a focus on quality over quantity.

III the Class



1 Educator : 1 Student

III Group Learning



2 Educators : 4 Students


Our classes have been tailored specifically to deliver a method of approaching hair that we genuinely believe in. We want to share thought processes and decision making to efficiently achieve any shape you want to create.

It’s about thinking, not repeating; hence our brand motto, “how to cut hair, not how to do a haircut…”


Class Schedule Coming Soon